SBI ATM Response Code List – ATM Error Codes & Solutions

SBI ATM Response Codes, Error & Solutions: We all use SBI bank ATM to withdraw cash from a bank account. Sometimes while using SBI ATM, you will face technical errors and you will see SBI ATM response code on the ATM screen. Here in this article, we will share a complete list of SBI ATM response codes and its solution.

What is SBI ATM Response Code?

The SBI ATM Response Code is a very common problem that many people face. It appears when an account is dormant. Usually, this problem can be resolved by contacting the SBI technical support. If the issue continues, it is best to find a different ATM machine. The error also occurs when an account is in dormant status. The SBI technical support can help you resolve the problem, or you can look for another one.

The response code on an SBI ATM describes the status of your transaction and may indicate an error or success. A response code of 053 means that you entered the wrong PIN for your account. You will need to enter the correct PIN to avoid receiving this error. If you have three incorrect PINs, you will be blocked from using the ATM for 24 hours. An error code of 060 indicates that you have exceeded the withdrawal limit set by the bank.

SBI ATM Response Code

SBI ATM Error Codes List

If you face a technical error while withdrawing money from your account, you will receive a receipt. You can see the technical error code on that receipt.

SBI ATM response codes are printed on transaction slips and are used to describe the status of the transaction. A response code of 053 means that you have entered the wrong PIN and the card will be blocked for 24 hours. If the code of a state bank of India ATM is not an indicator of an error, it is important to follow these guidelines for identifying the error.

Here is a list of SBI ATM error codes.

000 – Transaction has been successful

050 – bank account is closed

051 – SBI ATM card has been expired

053 – Wrong PIN number

055 – Card is inactive

056  – Ineligible Account

058 – Insufficient funds in your account

060 – No withdrawal limit

061 – WDL Limit Would Be Exceeded

062 – Pin Tries Exceeds

063 – WDL AMT already reached

064 – Invalid Credit Card Cash AdvanceAmount

068 – External Decline

071 – Contact Card Issuer

072 – Destination Not Available

073 – Routing Loopback

SBI ATM Error Codes Solutions

If you are facing an SBI ATM error and the above error code is printed on your receipt then contact your bank via branch or customer care.

Why you are facing ATM Response Codes?

An invalid transaction message can occur for many reasons. Your ATM may detect a bill jam near the exit of the CDU or reject bin. Your card may have expired or been keyed in incorrectly. In addition, the system may not recognize your ATM card. In these cases, contact the processor and have them check your account for the error. The following table outlines common reasons for an invalid transaction message. Identify the source of your problem and contact the ATM service provider.

If you do not see an error message after entering your card number, try resetting the card. Sometimes the machine has trouble with the card. In this case, it may attempt a reversal, but it is unlikely to work. Instead, contact the provider of your ATM to see what’s causing the error. Afterwards, the ATM should be able to process your request and return the funds.

A damaged sensor in the cash dispenser. In such a case, repositioning the machine will fix the problem. If the ATM still does not work, it is necessary to replace the security module. A new security module will help solve the problem. If the problem persists, contact a Triton Certified Service Technician. He will run a diagnostic test on the ATM to find out what is causing the problem.

What does response code 70 in an SBI ATM receipt mean?

070 error code means System Error. This means that there is an error in the ATM system. Contact SBI bank to fix the issue.

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