The new Microsoft Edge Browser in Windows 11

Microsoft Edge is a new browser designed and developed by Microsoft for Windows 11. It was initially launched for Windows 10 and Xbox One within 2021, for Android and iOS within 2021, and macOS in hopefully more years in yet to come. I have been using it for some time now, and so far, it has been quite pleasing to use. However, like any new browser, it still has its bugs to work out.

The bugs that this web browser has been minor. And there is still much work to be done, and Microsoft wants to make sure that users of their Edge browser get the best from it, with the first preview builds of this web browser hitting the ‘Preview / Windows sidebar’ first. This is only applicable for users on Windows 10 Home Edition or above. If you are on another operating system, you won’t be able to check out the Edge browser in its first preview builds.

Microsoft Edge Redesigned

You see, Microsoft Edge has been redesigned for the new Windows era. The design of the software is such that it caters to the latest trends in web designing, like the new Microsoft Edge theme. There are various new features that you can experience with the first beta versions of Microsoft Edge. These include the tab bar, which gives you more space to work with. If you remember, in previous versions of Internet Explorer, you’d have to right-click on your toolbar to get to your most-used tools, while in Microsoft Edge, all you do is right-click on the toolbar and choose ‘Edge’.

Microsoft Edge Browser in Windows 11

Layout engine in Microsoft Edge

Another change is the layout engine which is present in Microsoft Edge. The layout engine in Google Chrome is also known as the Google Toolbar. This layout engine in Microsoft Edge has been improved with the new Windows 7 Preview release. Microsoft Edge currently uses the Google Toolbar for its address bar, but it will soon be replaced with a complete layout engine in Windows 8. This will benefit Microsoft greatly as it will be able to provide a better browsing experience with Edge.

The layout engine in Microsoft Edge has been completely redesigned from scratch, resulting in a better browsing experience. One particular complaint about the old Microsoft Edge web browser was the lack of viewing options on the desktop. The new version has finally addressed this issue by introducing tabbed navigation. This feature is only available in the “newest” version of Microsoft Edge, which means that users who have already downloaded and installed the latest version of the browser need not worry about seeing any improvements.

Microsoft Edge’s improved layout engine also has some added benefits. One such feature is the ability to read web pages faster even while you are browsing the internet. The speed reading feature in Microsoft Edge provides faster reading while you are using the internet. This is a welcomed improvement as it can be frustrating when you spend a long time reading a long page to get to the next line. With the new layout engine in Microsoft Edge, you can now move ahead of the text you are reading without waiting. This can be extremely beneficial as you do not want to move back to reading the previous text or web page.

Another feature is the Microsoft Edge address bar. In previous versions of Microsoft browsers like Internet Explorer, web pages could only be accessed using the address bar. This meant that users who had disabilities would have a much more difficult time using the browser. With the addition of Microsoft Edge’s address bar, which is now located on the top right corner, the user can access all the web pages they wish to view without leaving the current page they are on. This helps improve accessibility.

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